Here you can find a selection of my best colleagues and friends with whom I offer you amazing threesome experiences. With some of them I’ve had the most beautiful and exciting intimacy ever and with some of them I’m really looking forward to doing it.

I love sex with women, it fascinates me and turns me on in a way nothing else does, so whenever I’m sharing intimacy with a lady I find myself almost worshipping her and I forget about the rest of the world. I love using my strap-on with them and I think it’s quite a mind-blowing thing for you to gaze at, but before planning our date let me know if you have anything in particular on your mind to check if they feel comfortable with that.


❗ Please keep in mind that it’s important that you go through their sites and check their information before you decide which one of them you’d like to join us. 



Eva is one of the most elegant and smart ladies I’ve ever met, someone I admire from the very first minute I met her. She is a well-travelled and cultured woman with a very warm personality and lots of sensuality. Her beautiful face and soft skin will make you lose track of time and forget about all your worries. She is based in Barcelona but she can travel if we plan it in advance. Here you can see her pictures and Instagram profile.


Maria is an outburst of fun and excitement with whom I’ve had many enjoyable adventures. She’s that kind of person who mixes refinement and friendliness in a very special way, making you feel very comfortable by her side. Blonde feminine woman who will bring lots of erotism to our encounter. She doesn’t show publicly her profile nor pictures to protect her privacy, but if you ask me, I can send you some of them.


Ariadna Cases is a gorgeous and sweet redhead who I admire. She’s one of the kindest and smartest friends I have and she has a special ability to make everyone feel really comfortable and cared for. Apart from her escort services, she offers her erotic massage knowledge, so if you’d like to try a “four hands massage” she is our perfect match. Take a look at her profile here.




Lilu Izar is a natural companion who loves to cuddle and hug. With long and wavy feminine hair and a make-up free look, this playful switch is invested in warm GFE and light BDSM experiences. She appreciates people with a witty sense of humour and who laugh easily. She’s based in London but once the situation gets better she’s planning to visit Barcelona often. Clik here and take a look at her site to know more about her before meeting both of us together.


Arazatah is an amazing woman from Italy who offers as well GFE services as BDSM. She can join as for a wonderful evening sharing a glass of red wine and explore with her the exciting world of non-conventional kink practices. For her it’s really important to create a connection, a moment outside every day life, so she often get to hear “back to reality” at the end of a date, which satisfies her deeply to know that she got to create a magic moment, a paralel dimension for just the two of them. She is also a very good friend of mine which whom I love sharing good times and some secrets. Click here and take a look at her site if you want to get to know her a bit better.



An all natural brunette woman to delight all your senses. Well travelled and explorative, Nikki loves to play as much as she loves to have thought provoking conversations. Any fantasies needing fulfilled? Or maybe want to be blindfolded and teased? Nikki will delight in exploring any avenue with us. Click here to see her profile on AW and here for Twitter.

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