Hi, welcome to my blog, a space where I’m sharing my thoughts and pictures for you to get to know me better. Also, it’s a place where you can find information about the topic that motivates the most to everyone of us: sex.

Come inside and relish my words calmly, I’ve chosen them with a lot of care and love for you to enjoy them to the fullest, and if you want to make any contribution with your ideas or constructive review, don’t hesitate to send me an email to dinslafosca@gmail.com


I’m a 40 years old catalan woman who’d love to share her sensuality with you. My natural smile will make you feel very comfortable & you’ll be mesmerized by my dizzying curves, which will take you to heaven.

I’m currently based in Barcelona but available to travel to you if you cover my trip expenses and you book a long date. 

I started this adventure ten years ago because I wanted to explore sex in depth and have a bit more of freedom and time for myself, and thanks to that decision I took I’ve learnt and discovered countless things not only about sex but about life, society, psychology, etc.  I’ve also met really beautiful people –as well colleagues as clients- who have become an important part of my life and have shared with me the most unforgettable moments of my life. This is why, even if two years ago I started working as a public relations hostess I realized that I really love being an escort and I don’t have any reason to stop doing it.

Catalan people we live our lives between two fundamental concepts. The first one –la rauxa–, on the one hand, can be understood as that great outburst of confidence that makes you do things that might not be exactly sage. El seny, on the other hand, does not mean precisely the opposite, but quite: the precaution you take when wisdom tells you not to go forward. You could say it’s a kind of yin and yan philosophy, and this concepts describe my personality in a very accurate way. Seny i rauxa*, this is me.

I like making people comfortable when they are by my side, so I’m warm-hearted and affectionate and I put a lot of effort in having good communication and being empathetic.


I worked as a massage therapist for a while in the past, so I have good knowledge about how to loosen somebody and I love using these skills, as well as to break the ice in the beginning of a date as to help you relax before you fall to sleep. In addition to having the knowledge to do a proper decontracting massage I also learned from a colleague of mine how to do erotic, lingam and prostate massage, so if you’d like to experience a professional and dedicate touch let me know and I’ll bring some almond oil to our meeting.

Another of my specialities are non-conventional practices. I got into BDSM, kink practices and fetishisms a long time ago and it really fascinated me, so I spent lots of nights exploring it with my lovers, reading about it and acquiring the knowledge to do it in the safest way possible. Ask me about it to know which are the practices I enjoy as a dominant and if you’re new into it I can guide you to start moving on from your vanilla world.

Dinner dates are my favourites, so we can get to know each other a little before getting closer. Connexion and complicity are the basis for having more chances to enjoy sex, so having the opportunity to share a glass of wine, a dinner or a lunch with you to start our date is  something I’ll really appreciate.


Take a look at this post to know all the details about the practices I do, the donation I require and the procedure to book and in case you had any doubts or suggestions.


Thanks for your visit, enjoy my site and don’t hesitate in contacting me if there is something you need to clarify.

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