A few days ago I took part in a threesome for the first time.

In the experience I discovered a lot of things but what I would most highlight is the connection with the escort that participated with me in this adventure: Mar Fontes.
We totally bonded together in a spiral of reconnaissance , of feeling to make our client enjoy, with the need to uncover an endless number of actions, feelings, sensations and pleasures I’ve never experienced before.

I present this experience to you as a tribute of our event and with the intention to immortalize it.
If I had to choose a word that summarized it, it will be AMAZING, like this, in capital letters.

We arranged the date very quickly, I was in my apartment when I received Mar’s call with her proposal; “great!” I thought, and after finishing my errands I hurried up over to the rendezvous point.

We met with excitement, we both knew we had a good connection, but we also had our doubts about how our live development would be, because it was the first time we were going to try it.

We had the chance to talk for a little while about details while she was finishing preening and dressing in a curious way; in this part I discovered that all of us have our preparations rituals and quirks since there was some details that I couldn’t fully understand, but It seemed to me a pure ritual -precious- and I didn’t want to show her my strangeness – I also have my own and there’s no logic worth-.
While she was putting on her stockings I couldn’t avoid to get a little carried along by the attraction of her endless legs, one of the most brilliant parts of her body from where I started to wish to get lost.
While she was going back and forth she let me be an observer of the sexiest and most provocative “un-striptease” I’ve never seen. Discreetly I started to observe the perfect roundness of her breasts, how beautiful! …the tone of her skin and the finesse of her fingers started to intoxicate my senses a little. Well, maybe more than a little because it passed through my mind to propose her to start our date without waiting for our client, but I prefered to continue to get carried along by the fascination of every corner of her body that, little by little, she was covering with the most refined and provocative garments ever.
I imagined how she was going to take them off, I rejoiced by having the permission of caressing her skin and I was surprised discovering how my body was waking up slowly and stirring me up without her knowing…or perhaps she did.

Both of us entirely ready waited on the sofa for our client, who was delayed, which gave me a little leeway to come in relaxation, place myself and prepare my mental disposition to the new situation I was going to live through.
There are special moments in the development of this work, and the waiting for the person who is hiring us is one of them.
Our concentration and disposition are special, we create a specific climate, nothing else occupies our mind except to satisfy him.
It’s complicated to find that harmony between enjoying and remembering that you are working. I like to prepare those instants before we open the door to get as close as possible to the expectations of the man who’s crossing it.

Wernher arrived and we invited him to sit on the sofa with us.
After swapping four ephemeral words that we tried to use as a bridge between her arrival and the action development, Mar and him started kissing.
I started to caress Wernher’s legs up to reach his member and confirm that he was hard as a rock.
We started to hang entangled with each other, alternating kisses, grasps and shedding of clothes while Mar and I were dragging him to the shower, thing that seemed difficult until I suggested to get into it the three of us together.
They liked my proposal, considering that the space was quite limited and raised up the possibility of doing some funny acrobatics or stay extremely appeared. Even though I have to say that, at first, Mar looked at me a little doubtful. I think I read her mind: “the three of us there inside, Fosca?…you are completely mad, but it’s great, let’s go!…”and while Wernher and I ate each other’s lips, she soaped up all his body meticulously and with affection, specially the part he was going to use the most.

It was difficult to get in and out of the shower, but at the end we were lying on the bed a bit more relaxed -Wernher was quite shy, he needed his time- and from that stage, an image and a situation stuck in my memory: me lying down with my head beside the man looking at Mar riding him with all her sensuality and vitality from his perspective.
I took one of those mental pictures that can only be saved on one’s memory and I could discern the beauty that men get from having women in that position.
The recorded situation was Mar and I letting the moment take us and without planning it, doing the most entranced fellatio you could never imagine: both of our mouths and tongues going through his member while we were moaning with pleasure and excitement until his orgasm; that was amazing.

Wernher had all the endurance needed to reached its climax when he desired. He decided when he was going to burst to extend as much as possible the experience that he was living .

I’m still surprised by the way we develop our willpower whenever we feel free to, controlling our physical urges up to a level that anyone could consider admirable.

The most erotic scenes that you could imagine came one after another. I’d highlight one where Mar and I were completely immersed in our caress and I contemplate Wernher’s face of fascination, being observer of the scene.
I felt Mar’s pleasure when I was going over her wet lips with my fingers, when I put them inside her vagina while she was moving in a rhythmic and hip swinging dance.
We closed our eyes and we showed a pure ecstasy expression. I celebrated to have that ability to blindly find her swollen clitoris and her most erogenous zones. She let herself be taken by the moment going over to my intimate places, what a deep excitement!

The only negative details of this experience were: first of all, that I got sperm inside my eyes and I can tell you for sure that it hurts as if you had been punched or if someone had poured you gunpowder.
Here you have a rookie who has been told that this liquid is moisturising and it rejuvenates the skin, so she thought that if it had those properties it couldn’t be bad. On the contrary, she was sure it could be good for everything…ha ha…it didn’t work like this, your sight doesn’t get better, I almost went blind!

The second negative point: the frustration and anger I felt realizing of all the time lost, all the years I could have had so much fun being part of  threesomes, quartets or orgies. But, one comes from a family who took care about not even crossing through her mind this kind of ideas.

Suddenly, I not only have discovered group sex, but also the sublime pleasure of touching a woman again and let myself be seduced by her. Imagine the feelings that me touching in her private places would produce, thing that I’m ashamed of not being able to guess like when I’m touching a man since I’ve never have had a wonderful cock.

And so, with all this emotional concoction I came back home with my eyes red, my body tired and my inside completely euphoric as I never felt before.

I’d love to hear Wernher telling his experience to any of his friends, I’m sure he will never forget that long hour with two tigresses dedicated to him.

Actually the situation was quite explosive, Mar is a hurricane and I’m an earthquake, but both of us are passionate for experiencing our job with a special dedication because we don’t only like the professional side but the happiness of life and sex.

Both of us love seeing our clients leave with a big smile, floating, rejuvenated, taller and more handsome -seriously, I’m not kidding, they go away like this!!- and I think we both bonded with perfectionism in the most important thing from our job: the authenticity.

I finish here my tribute to our fantastic experience and to my first threesome. I begin a path with a woman who never stops surprising me, thanks Mar!



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