Hi everyone. 

Following the experts recommendations I’ve heard or read about the Covid situation, I’ve resumed my face-to-face meetings and I don’t require any special measures now during my dates. I’ve been vaccinated (I had the booster on March 2022) and I test myself every week to make sure I reduce the chances to get seriously ill or to spread it. 

I offer to bring rapid lateral flow tests to our meeting for if you’d rather do it together before sharing intimacy -we can get the results while we shower. 

The only requirement I’ll certanly have is asking you to inform me straight away in case you had any Covid symptoms the days after our meeting. I’ll do the same.

I’ll cautiously keep examining how the Covid situation evolves, and I’ll post it here if I considered necessary to change this safety measures.

What are the practices we can’t do in our session?

We can do any of the practices I used to do before the Covid situation. Here you can find them detailed.

What can be the extension of our meeting?

The minimum time I’ll reserve for our encounter will be an hour, and there it will be included the time we’ll need to do the test (in case you want to do it).

When will I visit London?

I’m based in Barcelona but bouncing quite a bit between this city and London. If you want to know about my next travel plans, you can follow me on twitter and check my bio, where I always update my location and travel plans. You can also send me and email or message and I’ll be pleased to inform you about my location.

Any other considerations I should bear in mind?


-I usually don’t plan more than 1 or 2 meetings per week and I’d rather have at least 24 hours to plan them, so please contact me as long as you can in advance -a deposit of the 30% will be always required. If you want me to wear a mask untill we get the tests results, let me know and I’ll be glad to do it.

Take care and see you soon,



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