Very often my play partners ask me about what I like. They want to know what turns me on, what makes me enjoy sex, how to drive me crazy with lust.

It’s difficult to choose words to explain this. Fair warning: I’ve never been much of a fan of those people that reduce pleasure to the mere application of some formula. There are things that you cannot replicate automatically. It doesn’t work, I’m sorry, and even less in sex. I can tell you that fucking in the floor drives me crazy —honestly, with or without a rug— but that alone simply won’t be a guarantee of success at all.

In sex you can give people advice, clues, ideas, yet nothing is guaranteed. The fastest way to kill my motivation is to be one of those people who have read some manual, watched some video or follow someone’s advice to the dot. Those people, so sure about this or that being a total guarantee of success. When someone approaches me and acts in an artificial way, I get the same feeling that I do when I call my phone company. At the other end of the line, a cold and apathic voice answers, and I know it’s all a script that they’ve memorized. “Good morning, Ms Fosca, this is Jane Doe, how can I help you today?”

It’s good to do some research, but experience is the mother of science. In a sexual encounter, attention, implication, and leaving fear of ridicule at the door will be much more efficient than any instruction manual.

Having said that, I do want to please you by describing some of the things that turn me on… Here they go!

I  like erotic massages when done leisurely. The kind where we tour our bodies as if they were sacred temples, with the admiration and total abandon of a child.

I like it when we don’t know what we’re going to do on our date. We allow ourselves to hesitate until inspiration strikes. When we invent things that we would have never dreamed of doing and we go wild with pleasure, totally letting go.

I like it when you fuck me on the carpet. Or looking out the window, at the thousand balconies of Barcelona and the sea.

I like it when I can feel your hard cock and you offer it gently to me, as if saying: “Come on, play with it for while, look what you’ve done to me.”

I like it when you’re yourself, with your fears and your doubts, without trying to prove anything to me. I like it when your’re authentic.

I like your groin, it is a part of the body that seduces me.

I do not like men who shave their entire body, yet for me it’s better if you trim a bit the hair around your sex.

I like you naked inside out, with your imperfections and your beauty, your defects and your virtues. I like you, then, because you are real.

I like it when you turn me on with a gesture or  a word, without realising it, without intending to.

I like it when you don’t obsess with turning me on, but you let my fire grow little by little, and you trust my inherent ability to awaken the most pure sensuality.

I like it when you fuck me like an animal, and also when you move slowly and delicately. I like you.

I like it when you put your hands under my skirt, when they get to my ass and feel me up… specially when I’m not wearing any knickers.

I like to bite you, and I like it when you bite me.

I like it when you lick my cunt from behind, and I like it when you rub your leg against my groin.

I like to see you walk by, with that elegant air you have around you.

I like it when you look at me, trying to decipher my codes.

I like it when you surprise me, confessing your weird or eccentric tastes.

I like it when you turn me into a ferocious woman who can’t stop sucking your cock.

I like group sex and I love sex with women. I like to watch people fucking in swinger bars and listen to their moans.

I like it when you get all trascendental and I like it when you take life lightly, fucking as if it was your last time, or just laughing out loud while you pound me with your cock.

I like it when you pull my hair hard and take me to the limit. “Killing me softly…”

I like to breath in deeply in your neck and to absorb your intoxicating smell.

I like to feel your spent body over me after we’ve come, crushing me with your weight until I say “I can’t breathe.”

I like it when you pin my arms down decisively.

I like that you know how to get totally lost and at the same time keep your feet firmly planted in reality.

I like it when you grab my breasts with your whole hand. (But no tickling the nipples at all, please!)

I like sex, I like you.

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